About MENA

About US


With the experience derived by operating in several
markets for over 15 years, now we proudly pursue our
vision to become a global player in resourcing all the
essentials for the industry relying on our three core


01. Total credibility

a commitment based on trust and
openness in building relationships internally and externally with partners and communities to grant a successful business.

02. Professionalism

the attribute that will mark us out by consistently achieving high standards as a key to quality and efficiency.

03. Initiatives

the commitment to build our company based on the initiative and the excellence of our expertise deployment.

Proven Success

History & Now

Our activities Investment Consultancy and Project Management recognized in 2012 from Turkey, Istanbul and to cover the Middle East region then extended towards North Africa with a strong presence in Tunisia, Tunis by 2015 which turned to be the main gate to the rest of the continent. The growth of our business scope has been reinforced with a team located in UAE dedicated for Commodities & International Trade to secure the needs of manufacturers and eventually the need of our communities.

Despite of the global event recently, we adapted a new hub
in the heart of Europe in 2021 enhancing our capabilities
across EMEA region to secure a sustainable and green
resources for the industry in Belgium, Zele.

MENA’s Statements

Mission Statement

Empower investments prosperity, re-source industrial essentials with competitive advantages & prices by facilitating operational & financial activities to offer convenience for stakeholders through our profound understanding of markets characteristic and our strategic partnership with manufacturers & suppliers for a sustainable success.

Being the key element for investments & business in EMEA region starting from Turkey to enhance the capabilities of any activity with the credibility and reliability of our know-how.

To achieve our F25 vision, in-depth product research & market analysis must be carried for any opportunity to acquire a thorough knowledge of the business and possess the know-how to approach the major market players properly which will allow us offering competitive advantages to outperform our rivals. Thus, adopting the core values of MENA is the success key for F25