Our Services

Investment Consultancy

The comprehensive capabilities and deep knowledge of MENA family will be deployed to overcome any challenge that your organization may face. We thrive to take initiative to become your solution partner by implementing our tailor-made solutions specifically designed for your business.

Project Management

Get your project running efficiently with our expertise.

MENA’s experienced project engineers and business analysts maintain a systematic cooperation to provide up-to-date administrative solutions and execute industrial projects with years of expertise in business modeling and project management.

By embracing a general contractor approach, we take care of your project units systematically from A to Z.

Commodities and International Trade

We share all our comprehensive fundamentals in the business to support your trade activities in all aspects. With our global network and credible relations with our manufacturers and service providers, we possess a wide range of supplies from industry leaders. Flexible and detail oriented nature of MENA assists its partners of any size to lift the borders to access the information & product they need.

We work with all the authorized institutes that offer official testing, certification and verification for product specs to ensure our commitment for quality on all levels for our offerings of Energy, Metal & Nonmetal commodities beside of Cementous materials mainly as follow:

Solid Fuels

Solid Fuels and other types of coal and coke


All types of Clinker


All types of ash


All types of grains


All types of cement


All types of bauxite

Natural gypsom


Freight Forwarding Services

Network and expertise are the essential dynamics of freight forwarding business. We ensure a seamless supply chain in matching producers with their target markets.

Aiming only to be a part of the solution, we are organized to respond to our partners’ demands by creating an integrated transport chain. Our activities include warehouse operations, added-value services, customs clearance, handling, and door-to-door transportation.

To your warehouse, factory, or to your door; MENA will be there for you.